Testimony and Gratitude

Thank you ODB for donating these books to us. They’ve reached PCS Suangpai Church in Kudat, Sabah.

The congregation of PCS Suangpai, Kudat is grateful for the donation of ODB books. They’ve been distributed to congregations in need.

Luther Seminary Bible School, Kudat is happy to receive book donations of Adventuring Through the Bible and several titles from the Journey Through Series.

Thank you ODB! Borneo Melangkap Theological Seminary in Kota Belud is grateful for donations of Adventuring Through the Bible and several Journey Through titles. The books are now in the library for students’ use.

Praise God, the books have arrived! PCS Dungkorop church leader, Pitas, welcomes the book donations that will be distributed to the congregation.

Thank you for the book donation, ODB. Happy smiles upon receiving books for use by the congregation of PCS Batition Church, Pitas.

“Students in the Kapit area are so happy, as many inland areas have few opportunities to get books like these. This is a way to help them understand the meaning of following God in their lives.”

– Walter, Lighthouse Kapit Manager

“Praise God, even though Kapit is accessible only by taking a boat across the river, these books can be distributed to children in Kapit’s schools. We really need materials like these.”

– Walter, Lighthouse Kapit Manager

“In addition to activities like the 'camp' we run, we believe these books can help strengthen their faith. We also give out Our Daily Bread and the Siri Bimbingan booklets to teachers, congregations and high school students in Kapit so they can read God's word every day.”

– Walter, Lighthouse Kapit Manager

ODB’s donated books from Pastor Track Solo to Pastor Olleh Kulong, representative of the Belaga area, Sarawak who will then distribute it to churches in need. These books were donated specifically for the evangelistic ministry of Borneo Evangelical Malaysia (BEM) Sarawak.

Your support brought joy and growth

Thank you for your support and participation of Building A Bridge 3.0. We have begun the process of printing and distributing these resources to Christians whose mother tongues are BM. These materials will benefit them greatly. Let us continue to have the heart and willingness to carry on this work so that Malaysian Christians will be able to understand God's Word deeper. We look forward to the fruits of life-changing transformations in their lives.

Books Distributed Since 2018

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Our Resources

Consider buying our book sets to be donated to pastors, churches and people you know.
Take a look at our resources below:

Mum, Let’s Chat

Written by a local author and mother who understands the needs and challenges of motherhood, this book contains Bible-based encouragements and heart-to-heart questions to help mums understand and reflect on God’s call for their lives.

Building Block to A Strong Marriage

Suitable for newly-married couples, those married for a long time or those preparing to start a family. It touches on God’s purpose for marriage and the promises of marriage.

Challenges in Marriage

Written based on biblical truths, this book touches on common challenges faced by married couples and families, such as difficult marriages, divorce and unholy attitudes.

Self-Worth and Identity

Suitable for those struggling with identity, purpose and self-esteem, especially teenagers. It answers challenging questions from a biblical perspective about the purpose and meaning of life, as well as self-worth.

Give us This Day

30 short reflections containing stories and examples for children under 12. Questions and prayers provided will help children with reflection and to apply God’s Word in their daily lives with the guidance of parents.

Journey Through Series: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts

The Journey Through series provides help to individuals or groups who long to study God’s word book by book and fellowship with God through His word.

ODB Bible Teaching Webinar

Bible teaching focusing on topics of leadership and fatherhood.

Make A Difference

You can be the change by partnering with us to produce, print and distribute biblical reading materials primarily in Bahasa Malaysia and some in Iban. There are two ways:
1. Supporting our cause financially.
2. Sponsoring a book bundle to be sent to local churches.

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By giving a donation, your financial support will cover our ministry expenses to provide these resources.

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Pray With Us

Prayer is a ministry without boundaries that we can do together. Come pray with us specifically for this project and the impact it will have on the church and the family.

Join Us in God’s Work

Build A Community With Us

Many Christians in BM churches have been greatly impacted by book donations from previous Building a Bridge 1.0 and 2.0 projects. If you are aware of a church or pastor in need of Christian materials or prayer assistance, do send us an email.

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We are grateful that God is sending more Malay-speaking volunteers to help us in writing, translation, graphic design and distribution. If you have a desire to serve and would like to contribute your skills in the Bahasa Malaysia ministry, do get in touch.

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Invite other change-makers and help us spread the word on this important project to make the life-changing wisdom of God's word understandable and accessible to all.