By donating to our cause, your money will go to producing and distributing the resources below. You can also buy our books and then give them to those in need (sponsoring our books).

Mum, Let’s Chat

Written by a local author and mother who understands the needs and challenges of motherhood, this book contains Bible-based encouragements and heart-to-heart questions to help mums understand and reflect on God’s call for their lives.

Building Block to A Strong Marriage

Suitable for newly-married couples, those married for a long time or those preparing to start a family. It touches on God’s purpose for marriage and the promises of marriage.

Challenges in Marriage

Written based on biblical truths, this book touches on common challenges faced by married couples and families, such as difficult marriages, divorce and unholy attitudes.

Self-Worth and Identity

Suitable for those struggling with identity, purpose and self-esteem, especially teenagers. It answers challenging questions from a biblical perspective about the purpose and meaning of life, as well as self-worth.

Give us This Day

30 short reflections containing stories and examples for children under 12. Questions and prayers provided will help children with reflection and to apply God’s Word in their daily lives with the guidance of parents.

Journey Through Series: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts

The Journey Through series provides help to individuals or groups who long to study God’s word book by book and fellowship with God through His word.

Pedoman Harian

Pedoman Harian is the daily devotion that is translated from Our Daily Bread. It has eight key features that serve as a guide for readers when doing their devotion; a reading date, title, Bible reference verse, key verse, Bible reading plan for the year, a short prayer, questions and a closing verse. This book is suitable for personal and group study.

Every year, an annual edition is printed and distributed to the rural interiors of Sabah and Sarawak. This resource is essential, especially for Christians who do not have access to the Internet or online reading materials.

Siri Bimbingan

Siri Bimbingan is a series of booklets covering important life topics such as the church, current issues, marriage, counseling, Christian life and more. These booklets can be read in personal quiet times or discussed in cell and home groups. Although the series is available online and can be downloaded as a PDF, printed copies are still needed to meet the needs of Christians in Sabah and Sarawak who live in the interiors and do not have good Internet access.

Siri Pemuridan

Siri Pemuridan is a discipleship series made up of 10 books. They are written by a local author, discussing important Christian topics in the Malaysian context. This series is suitable for individual use or group discipleship. Each book contains Bible verse references, questions and examples of issues to help readers understand the following topics:

  • Book 1: Who is God?
  • Book 2: The Bible
  • Book 3: Identity & Salvation
  • Book 4: Worship & Personal Life of Christians
  • Book 5: What is Church?
  • Book 6: Christian Service and Ministry
  • Book 7: Marriage, Family & Children
  • Book 8: Community Life, Government and Law
  • Book 9: Spiritual World & Spiritual Warfare
  • Book 10: End Times & God’s Kingdom

Kisah Tuhan yang Ajaib untuk Anda / Cherita Besai Ari Allah Taala Ke Nuan

This book conveys the magical story of God in a way that is easy for children to understand. It explains creation, sin and salvation through Christ. It contains interesting colourful pictures to explain God's message of salvation to children. In the final section of this book, there is a reference section for Sunday School parents and teachers when using this book to teach children about God's salvation plan. In addition, a glossary is also provided to make it easier for parents and Sunday School teachers to explain a concept or word to children.

This storybook is translated from English to Bahasa Malaysia and Iban.

Siri Cerita Penting / Siri Jaku Dalam

Siri Cerita Penting or Siri Jaku Dalam presents stories from the Old and New Testaments that children can read on their own. It contains colourful and interesting pictures to explain important Bible stories. The purpose of this series is to make the Bible come alive for children so that they become interested in God’s Word. Each story also has background information that parents can read. In the final section, there are reflection questions and Bible verses for references. This series is also suitable as a teaching material in Sunday School and can be shared with friends who do not yet know the Good News of God.

This children's material is available in bilingual editions (English and Bahasa Malaysia or Iban language).

Tinjauan Perjanjian Lama & Tinjauan Perjanjian Baru

These two books are a Bahasa Malaysia translation of Ray Stedman’s Adventuring Through the Bible: Old and New Testaments. They take you through the Old and New Testaments in unique and interesting ways. With guidance from Stedman, you will learn the Old and New Testaments through a thorough overview both historically and spiritually. Stedman combines and connects each book skillfully, so that you can understand and apply wisdom from all the contents of the Old and New Testaments. All of its fascinating stories and anecdotes make Biblical principles come to life and prove God's consistent involvement in the history of mankind.

Seksualiti: Prinsip dan Tujuan Tuhan

This book is written by local writer Rev. Dr. MG George. It teaches about God’s purpose for human sexuality and the true principals of sexual relations based on the Bible. It will help readers understand the causes of unhealthy sexual relations and its effects on the individual and couple. Unhealthy sex that is happening outside and inside of marriage is what drove Rev George to write this book, with the hope of addressing such issues. Although aimed at youths and teenagers, this book is also suitable for married couples.