Feeling stuck!

Why is work a 9-5, never-ending grind?

The average person spends 50 hours a week at work. In a year, that’s 2,600 hours. Yet, finding a job we love, finding our “true passion” or our higher calling is one of the greatest desires of many young adults today. What if I never get my dream job? What if I never achieve my highest self? Why is my current job so boring? Let’s take a look at some common issues in this area of career, calling and passion.
Common problems we face
  • Boredom and routine. Can’t wait to leave the office and do something fun after work or on weekends.
  • Disappointment and low morale. Feeling stuck in a dead-end job with no career progression, mid-range pay, and doing work that we feel makes no impact on the world.
  • Feeling underappreciated at work, with no meaningful connections with colleagues. 
  • Dreaming of a different life and comparing ourselves with other people’s seemingly more exciting jobs (as seen on social media) – working from home, working from Bali, travelling the world and getting sponsorship from big brands in exchange for content etc.

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