Feeling burned out

How do we find work-life balance?

Burnout, self-care and work-life balance are the current buzzwords in career-speak. And like the elusive unicorn that escapes every working adult, work-life balance is highly-sought after but rarely attained. Defined as the harmonious relationship between work and personal life, work-life balance is about equally prioritising work demands with one’s personal needs. But is this really achievable? Is there a formula for this, like 50/50 or 60/40 or…? Let’s find out. 
Common problems we face
  • Burnout at work. This is physical or mental collapse caused by prolonged overwork or stress. It may also involve a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.
  • Desire for career advancement. Having ambitions to achieve more, to earn more, to climb the corporate ladder, to become senior managers, directors and partners – yet knowing that more responsibility means less time for other things – such as starting one’s own business etc. 
  • Prioritising career or family. A struggle and constant tug-of-war between having to choose sides. Some of us want everything, the best of all worlds, yet understandably, we are limited finite beings.
  • Economy and inflation concerns. Taking on more jobs, and doing extra work on the side in order to supplement our incomes to buy a house, start a family, have more children, live in a better area etc.
  • Health problems. For some, health problems have already started creeping up in our lives, and more often than not, we desire to work part-time, work from home, or wish to retire early and attain financial freedom.

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