Can't handle people

Why is work full of difficult people?

No matter where we go or what we do, we will meet “difficult” people who make life miserable for everyone. In the workplace, this could be our bosses, colleagues or customers. Difficult people can be negative, abusive, overbearing, have opposing ideas, or sometimes, don’t like us for any particular reason! How do we handle such challenges that will inevitably create stress and frustration at the workplace? 
Common problems we face
  • Different working styles, leading to strife when working in a team
  • Demanding workload and unrealistic timelines from “the people above”
  • When everything falls on your shoulder: team members not pulling their weight, bosses not making decisions, and the workload falls on you
  • Politics, backstabbing, gossip, competitiveness, and jealousy, causing someone to lose their reputation, promotion, and even their job
  • Abusive behaviours like verbal abuse, tantrums, microaggressions, or passive-aggressive tactics leading to a toxic atmosphere
  • Lack of ethics, or having different moral values to yours

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