I wish there's
more to life

Is there anybody out there?

Eat, work, sleep, play, rinse and repeat. Is this all there is to life here on earth? Do I have a bigger purpose to play? Is there even a higher being out there? What is the meaning of life and where will I go when I die? Many people are looking for answers and plenty of theories abound… 

Let’s consider some talking points and potential perspectives on the big question of The Meaning of Life to explore with family, friends and colleagues. While we may not have the answer to everything, there are some Christian responses to consider.
Common problems we face
  • Is mankind alone in the universe?

  • Humans have scoured the sky seeking evidence of other intelligent civilisations in the universe, and we've come up empty-handed.

  • Why is it so hard to find others – human or otherwise – who will fulfill our deep desires for life companionship?

  • Who can identify with us, to walk with us throughout this life?

Tell Us What Happened

Did you start a faith conversation with friends, family or colleagues? Tell us your stories, testimonies and even struggles. This will encourage others, and enable us to learn from each other.

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